儒行天弈精品推荐 ----咸丰重宝当十

曲目:儒行天弈精品推荐 ----咸丰重宝当十


when the value of 50 and below is called "Xianfeng heavy treasure ", higher than when the value of 50 is called" Xianfeng Yuanbao ", to distinguish from Xiaoping money "Xianfeng Tongbao ". Although Xianfeng heavy treasure when ten money is Xianfeng big money in the lower value of the variety, but because of the early casting time, circulation area wide, so is also ancient spring lovers most concerned about and dedicated to the collection and appreciation of the value of coins. In many Xianfeng big money, should choose Xianfeng heavy treasure as ten money as the most.



Xianfeng heavy treasure has been regarded by collectors as priceless. Regional regimes also issue money for a relatively short period of time, coupled with a narrow circulation area, the value of the currency is not cheap. In addition, due to the change in paper bills, copper circulation is less, so the price is also higher.


At present, there are few counterfeit and few unearthed, Xianfeng as the price of ten coins is still relatively low-grade coins, and relatively large volume, forged profits are very difficult to interest them, except for individual high- high-end version, and will never spend much time to study the old, so the market is also rarely Xianfeng as ten counterfeit money, occasionally easy to identify, of course, only now, how to know; Xianfeng when ten coins are coins in the late Qing Dynasty, has been unearthed, mainly to pass the world money, so it is difficult to appear suddenly a large number of unearthed price reduction, can not be unearthed to cause collapse worry. Actually, enthusiasts For Xianfeng as a ten-dollar love, not necessarily because of this reason, but these two differences explain the shortage of its source and the high fidelity of the two security instructions, to collectors, especially beginners a comfort and insurance, more interest in ancient coins.


Connecting the preceding with the following and becoming independent is the ten greater charm of Xianfeng. In the "family" of Xianfeng, Xianfeng is the smallest of the big money, and can be said to be the largest of the small money. If we study the Xianfeng coin of a certain money bureau, we must not ignore Xianfeng as the ten money, whether it is a research version or a text, in all kinds of big money they are "little brother ", compared to the small flat money they are also" big brother ", Xianfeng as the ten money and all kinds of large face value of money style is generally similar, and have some characteristics of small flat money, so it is absolutely indispensable; at the same time, they can be used as a collection of ten series, compared to those who are too small or small size, or compared to those. Strange words of ancient coins, without much spirit can be clearly identified, and because more than unearthed, bright colors are more indescribable beautiful, whether vertical or horizontal lines are no less than any other coin.

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